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    Ringside Gym

    “We don’t only train champions, we built them”

    That is Ringside Gym Helsinki, and it was brought to life by the mind and experience of Pekka Mäki. He created an incredible boxing club in the heart of Helsinki which thrives from a rich community of champions.

    Ringside Gym is the ultimate full body work out. Not only does your body become a machine, your mind is constantly put to the test as practice your offensive and defensive combinations.


    We embarked on a transformative journey with Ringside Gym, elevating their digital presence to match the vigor and passion of the boxing world. Gone are the vestiges of their outdated website, as we meticulously dismantled it, paving the way for a revolutionary redesign. Our team of visionary designers and expert developers collaborated to forge an online arena that truly embodies the spirit of Ringside Gym.

    The result is a stunning, cutting-edge website that not only captures the essence of their brand but also champions functionality, simplicity, and seamless user experiences. Every pixel now serves a purpose, every interface interaction is intuitive, and the entire digital platform is designed with an unwavering commitment to enhancing customer service. Ringside Gym’s new online home is not just a website—it’s a bold statement of excellence and innovation.

    Ringside Gym - Website Development. Twodoors Digital - Web development agency

    “Their dedication to delivering an intuitive, engaging website reflects the dynamism of Ringside Gym perfectly.”

    Pekka Mäki, Founder of Ringside Gym


    Art Direction

    Helsinki Coffee Roastery

    “Our fundraising does the work for your team, class, or association.”

    That is Helsinki Coffee Roastery. Founded in 2011 for a simple reason – They love excellent coffee. They offer a balanced and homogeneous coffee that you can fall in love with again every day of the year, a true story.

    Their motto is “Coffee doesn’t have to be complicated to be good and beautiful. We’re proud of our coffee, and you’ll notice it in your cup.”


    We got the pleasure to give them a new home with this project. We tore up the blueprints of their old website and our designers and developers created an online platform from the ground up.

    Helsinki Coffee Roastery site has a modern new build with personality and a focus on functionality, simplicity, and usability, which chimes with their ongoing emphasis on streamlined customer service.

    “The passion to always create something interesting and the professionalism they put in everything is what impresses me the most.“

    Aki Aunola
    Founder & CEO


    Art Direction

    Fat Ramen

    Finland’s original ramen restaurant. est. 2015.

    FAT RAMEN opened at a small stall in a 19th-century market hall in downtown Helsinki to rave reviews and large crowds. The brainchild of our founders, Marcos Gois & Otto Sarpaniemi offers Ramen-style Japanese cuisine with a totally unique twist.

    Fat Ramen’s menu showcases the Nordic heritage, partnering with local high-quality farmers. Respect for tradition, sustainability, and constant improvement is delivered in their bowls every day.

    Two Doors Digital was tasked with designing and developing their website and web store. The key to the project was to create a website that sold the sights, sounds, and culture of Fat Ramen with gorgeous imagery to create more awareness and demand as they sought to expand into more locations.

    A modern and unique look focused on user-centric design. The design doesn’t hold back with big, bright, bold colors and text. Plenty of negative space keeps the layout from becoming too cramped and gives the bold text room to grab attention.

    This design is about consistency. From the photo’s lighting and colors to the typography used in the headers and body, everything works together to deliver a smooth user experience. We made sure that their online shop was intuitive to use.

    “Trusting Two Doors Digital to take care of the website rebuild project definitely paid off. The project ran very smoothly at launching. “

    Josh Wert


    Web Design & Development
    Continuous Support & Guidance

    Joses Kitchen

    Joseph Youssef. An Expert in the Field.

    Chef Joseph Youssef is a visionary hospitality industry professional, F&B expert, consultant, executive chef, entrepreneur, author, and teacher. Chef Joseph’s vision, creativity, and dedication to his craft make him a valuable asset to any organization that values excellence in the culinary arts.

    Chef Joseph tasked twodoors digital with renewing his personal branding and website. The key of the project was to create a seamless user interface where he  could showcase his personality, his way of working, and the services he offers to those looking for excellence in the culinary arts.

    joses kitchen twodoors digital web development agency helsinki

    “Wonderful team to work with, they are incredibly skilled, dedicated and work exactly to deadlines. All communication was very clear and the aims were laid out and they went above and beyond. Was a real pleasure working with the guys and I look forward to working with them again in the future!”

    Joseph Youssef


    Art Direction & Design
    Content Marketing

    HyperIn Inc.

    We are transforming retail real estate.

    HyperIn is a game-changing cloud solution for people who manage shopping malls. They provide all the tools for multi-channel communication, collaboration, and integration between shopping mall managers, tenants, and their consumers.

    HyperIn has R&D centers in Finland and Hong Kong with authorized distributors in Europe, North America, Middle East, and Asia.

    We have the pleasure to be part of this incredible team at HyperIn, a team that enables accelerated growth through an ambitious and fully committed international organization support, developing and implementing processes for more agile and impactful marketing, brand positioning, and innovation.

    We are in charge of driving marketing transformation through demonstrated value of HyperIn’s brand and products across all communication channels to global markets. Our Brand and Marketing practice creates transformational insights, ideas, strategies, and structures that help HyperIn unlock demand for brands.

    “His time working at HyperIn Inc has been a truly great experience and I believe that his continued role in the organization can significantly help grow our business.“

    Markus Porvari
    President & CEO


    Digital Marketing
    Web Development
    Copywriting / Communications

    The label is juicy

    ” When it comes to my style of jewelry it has to be magic and nothing else!”

    The Label is Juicy brand is a Finnish jewelry brand handcrafted in Mexico. Their famous all-seeing eye is omnipresent in their collections and it brings both vision and protection to its wearer. I only use very high quality 925 silver and some of the pieces are 18k gold plated. The eyes are blown glass and they’re hand painted. Every piece of jewelry is as unique as you are!

    We were happy that The Label is Juicy jewelry brand, chose Twodoor Digital for the design and development of the online store. The store had specific requirements; it needed to be hosted on Shopify and be mobile-friendly. The products should be able to be tailored and feel like the Label Is Juicy brand. While exploring the Shopify themes, we quickly realized that none of them were responsive and quick enough for a mobile experience. When it comes to mobile, it is a real-time experience – responsive and quick without lag time when loading content or customizing products.

    “Working with Twodoors Digital was a true pleasure. They truly understood my brand’s style and were able to bring it to life in the website they developed for me. I couldn’t be happier with the final result and highly recommend their services to anyone looking to elevate their online presence. “

    Jenni Ingman
    Designer and Founder



    Customizing a Shopify theme

    We define benchmarks for the experience based on these simple things. The team built the theme from scratch as a responsive experience for mobile, but it is equally engaging on tablets and desktops.

    Product Personalisation

    With the design and art direction by Twodoors Digital, along with jewelry designer Jenni Ingman, the store takes on a magazine-feel. This allows fans to purchase official jewelry, as well as view the latest from the show’s social channels.