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    The Label is Juicy

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    ” When it comes to my style of jewelry it has to be magic and nothing else!”

    The Label is Juicy brand is a Finnish jewelry brand handcrafted in Mexico. Their famous all-seeing eye is omnipresent in their collections and it brings both vision and protection to its wearer. I only use very high quality 925 silver and some of the pieces are 18k gold plated. The eyes are blown glass and they’re hand painted. Every piece of jewelry is as unique as you are!

    We were happy that The Label is Juicy jewelry brand, chose Twodoor Digital for the design and development of the online store. The store had specific requirements; it needed to be hosted on Shopify and be mobile-friendly. The products should be able to be tailored and feel like the Label Is Juicy brand. While exploring the Shopify themes, we quickly realized that none of them were responsive and quick enough for a mobile experience. When it comes to mobile, it is a real-time experience – responsive and quick without lag time when loading content or customizing products.

    The Label is Juicy - Web development

    “Working with Twodoors Digital was a true pleasure. They truly understood my brand’s style and were able to bring it to life in the website they developed for me. I couldn’t be happier with the final result and highly recommend their services to anyone looking to elevate their online presence. “

    Jenni Ingman
    Designer and Founder



    Customizing a Shopify theme

    We define benchmarks for the experience based on these simple things. The team built the theme from scratch as a responsive experience for mobile, but it is equally engaging on tablets and desktops.

    Product Personalisation

    With the design and art direction by Twodoors Digital, along with jewelry designer Jenni Ingman, the store takes on a magazine-feel. This allows fans to purchase official jewelry, as well as view the latest from the show’s social channels.