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    Ringside Gym

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    “We don’t only train champions, we built them”

    That is Ringside Gym Helsinki, and it was brought to life by the mind and experience of Pekka Mäki. He created an incredible boxing club in the heart of Helsinki which thrives from a rich community of champions.

    Ringside Gym is the ultimate full body work out. Not only does your body become a machine, your mind is constantly put to the test as practice your offensive and defensive combinations.


    We embarked on a transformative journey with Ringside Gym, elevating their digital presence to match the vigor and passion of the boxing world. Gone are the vestiges of their outdated website, as we meticulously dismantled it, paving the way for a revolutionary redesign. Our team of visionary designers and expert developers collaborated to forge an online arena that truly embodies the spirit of Ringside Gym.

    The result is a stunning, cutting-edge website that not only captures the essence of their brand but also champions functionality, simplicity, and seamless user experiences. Every pixel now serves a purpose, every interface interaction is intuitive, and the entire digital platform is designed with an unwavering commitment to enhancing customer service. Ringside Gym’s new online home is not just a website—it’s a bold statement of excellence and innovation.

    Ringside Gym - Website Development. Twodoors Digital - Web development agency

    “Their dedication to delivering an intuitive, engaging website reflects the dynamism of Ringside Gym perfectly.”

    Pekka Mäki, Founder of Ringside Gym


    Art Direction