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    Fat Ramen

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    Finland’s original ramen restaurant. est. 2015.

    FAT RAMEN opened at a small stall in a 19th-century market hall in downtown Helsinki to rave reviews and large crowds. The brainchild of our founders, Marcos Gois & Otto Sarpaniemi offers Ramen-style Japanese cuisine with a totally unique twist.

    Fat Ramen’s menu showcases the Nordic heritage, partnering with local high-quality farmers. Respect for tradition, sustainability, and constant improvement is delivered in their bowls every day.

    Two Doors Digital was tasked with designing and developing their website and web store. The key to the project was to create a website that sold the sights, sounds, and culture of Fat Ramen with gorgeous imagery to create more awareness and demand as they sought to expand into more locations.

    A modern and unique look focused on user-centric design. The design doesn’t hold back with big, bright, bold colors and text. Plenty of negative space keeps the layout from becoming too cramped and gives the bold text room to grab attention.

    This design is about consistency. From the photo’s lighting and colors to the typography used in the headers and body, everything works together to deliver a smooth user experience. We made sure that their online shop was intuitive to use.

    “Trusting Two Doors Digital to take care of the website rebuild project definitely paid off. The project ran very smoothly at launching. “

    Josh Wert


    Web Design & Development
    Continuous Support & Guidance